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"It's always been my desire to have a small, well spaced but intimate studio to do not only my own work in, but also see a host of other creative projects come in to being. I'm so pleased 7point7 Studio has become that.

As you can see my work it is mostly drama based but I initially started out as a photographer and now I'm finding my way back to it. I took some large detours in the meantime, going from graphics, working as an art director then copywriter in advertising agencies to a variety of jobs in the film industry. DOP, assistant director and then working in script development in Hollywood are all in the sketchy and chaotic CV.

I still write in my so called downtime, as I've always done. Story to me is the most fascinating and engaging of art forms and I try to include it in all I do. Even a still image has great potential to tell a story. The lines in a face, it's expression, in one moment can say so much. I hope to start building a large portfolio which you'll see here, of portraits of all sorts of people. Watch this space!"

Jonathon Sendall, 2021

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