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We have a few continuous lights here to rent at 7point7. They have been carefully selected to be powerful enough to eliminate the use of flash as we wanted to cater for video as well as stills.

We have 4 c-stands as well as a few other stands that are included in the hire of the studio. There is another stand, a Manfrotto 269hdbu which reaches a height of 7.3m. I've used this stand to create a hard source light coming in through a window at a steep angle.


In terms of Bowens mount we have two rectangular softboxes, two 80cm round diffusers and one large 120cm parabolic that is only suitable for the Forza 500 and Orion 300 lights. The parabolic is rented as a seperate item at £10 per day.

Nanlite Forza 500 Daylight Balanced LED

This light is super bright and I use it as a key light often. If you take the reflector dish off and use the bare COB light it creates really sharp shadows which for product photography looks like sunshine. No need to use flash as the power of this light is more than enough. Video reviews below.

£40 per day, add £15 with accessories softboxes and fresnel with barn doors.

Orion 300 FS 2-jpg_edited.jpg

Prolycht Orion FS 300

The most versatile light I have ever used. Full colour. Menu gives you huge variety of effects, full replication of Lee and Rosco filters, colour matching to other lights, high colour (and pure white) accuracy due to Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime LEDs not just RGB, very accurate skin tones, Bowens mount for accessories. Watch reviews below.

£110 per day, add £15 with accessories softbox and fresnel with barn doors.

Nanlite Forza 60 Daylight Balanced LED x 2

Small very useful lights for rim lighting, highlighting etc. Has attachments so can fit bowens boxes etc. Can run off V-lock batteries. Dimmable.

£17 per day £30 per day for 2, add £7 with accessories softboxes.

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